View traffic data on any road, anywhere in Australia, for any time period, instantly.


View Traffic data for public and private vehicles

  • Search any road
  • Visualise retrospective network data in seconds


Understand network-wide mobility trends

  • Graphical insights
  • Speed and volume data breakdowns


Create traffic impact reports in minutes

  • Download raw data outputs
  • Compare results across datatsets


Collaborate on projects

  • Export output to share with team mates
  • Your team sees what you see with easy platform uploads
System Update

9 to 5 support line created

System Update to Compass IoT
Independent verification report

Compass IoT's Speed Data verified to be 99% - 100% accurate

NK Traffic Verifies Compass IoT's Data.
MVP Grant

Compass NSW MVP grant feature

Compass IoT dubbed 'Start-up Success Story' by NSW Government

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