Instantly understand what causes near-misses on our roads, to make our transport networks safer.


people are hospitalised by crashes on NSW roads each day


lives were lost in 2019 travelling on Australian roads

Map View

The map bounds act as a query border to interpolate and visualise incidents on the network.

Date and time select

The user can select any date range for specific time periods.

Save File

Export the queried data to share across teams

Load File

Allows users to load files from other users to share work, export outputs, change inputs and review data results.


Allows users to export acceleration data from the query time and location.

Graph View

Interpretation of specifically, speed, volume prediction, vehicle incident type, vehicle make, and 3D graphical view of x,y,z acceleration readings

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Addressing road safety: using connected vehicle data to reduce speed-related trauma

This white paper discusses the need for reliable vehicle data, so that initiatives can be implemented on our roads.
Independent verification report

Compass IoT's Speed Data verified to be 99% - 100% accurate

NK Traffic Verifies Compass IoT's Data.
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