Week Three Origin-Destination Visualisation: 23rd, 13th and 14th March

To provide insight into such unique changes in mobility from early 2020, we have created a data visualisation that shows all origin and destination of vehicles on the network.


Week Two Origin-Destination Visualisation: 8th, 13th and 14th March


Week One Origin-Destination Visualisation: 1st - 8th of March


Independent traffic report finds Compass speed data to be 99% - 100% accurate

A new independent traffic assessment by Nick at NK Traffic Consultants has verified that Compass IoT's traffic speed counts for cars and buses are accurate within a 99-100% range

Feb 25th · 4 min read

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Heard about Machine Learning but not sure what it is? We've written an article that covers a basic definition and understanding about the topic!

Feb 17th · 3 min read


Compass joins the ranks of Incubate in University of Sydney startup!

Foot on the accelerator: Compass IoT accepted into University of Sydney's startup program.

Feb 6th · 4 min read


Compass IoT wins best Data Driven Startup at the 4th annual Australasian Start-up Awards

On the 23rd of November, Startcon named Compass IoT the winner of ‘Best Data driven Start-up’ at the 4th annual Australasian Start-up Awards. The award recognizes Compass IoT’s use of artificial intelligence and big data to bring critical insights to industry.

Nov 7th · 2 min read


CompassIOT nominated Most original startup (established) by UTS Startups

Compass was nominated under the most original startup by UTS Startups! The UTS Startups Awards recognises the best startups from within the UTS entrepreneurial ecosystem, showcasing some of the greatest hustlers and most inspiring founders, along with the most original and investible pitches.

Nov 6th · 5 min read

Machine Learning

What is ‘IoT’ technology?

When you Google ‘What is IoT?’, you’re immediately affronted with hundreds of search results offering answers. Most of these definitions tend to be unnecessarily complicated -- full of technical jargon

Aug 31st · 3 min read