Compass NSW MVP grant feature

Compass IoT dubbed 'Start-up Success Story' by NSW Government

6th July 2020 · 3 min reading

Minimum Viable Product NSW

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grants support promising pre-revenue startups to progress from proof of concept to a minimum viable product stage. The grants can help startups to engage with a potential business customer or channel to market and create innovative solutions that address industry needs or market gaps.

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Compass IoT received a Minimum Viable Product grant to develop their Integrated Transport Management System

It is for use by traffic engineers, consultants, councils and state governments to understand how traffic moves. They bring together data feeds from connected vehicles alongside journey planning data in order to give real time visualization of traffic, as well as powerful insights on transport demand, mobility and usage. An independent traffic assessment has confirmed that Compass’ bus and car speed counts are accurate within a 99-100% range!

Compass has taken full advantage of the entrepreneurial education available to them from their alma maters. They are alumni of UTS Startups, and of both the University of Sydney’s INCUBATE and Genesis programs.

When COVID struck, it became unviable to do traffic surveys with a team on the ground. No cars on the road meant no traffic to monitor and report on using traditional methods. Transport for NSW, Canberra Council, NK Traffic and other government agencies, councils and consultants turned to Compass to be able to continue their operations. Compass allowed them to draw on data collected from the last useable period before COVID in November to continue transport planning and management.

Compass was able to look to the past, to provide insights into the present and as they continue to grow, they will provide insights to shape transport systems into the future.

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Compass IOT is an analytics-focused startup that aggregates transport data to help infrastructure planning teams form more informed decisions. Our software takes complex data operations and puts it in an easy-to-understand visual platform so that teams can better interpret the analytics and form actionable plans.