We're continuously upgrading out platform. Here's where we're going next.

Feb 2019

Real-Time Traffic Dashboard Delivered

Inclusion of a real-time traffic dashboard in the Compass platform. This allows users to view the scale on which Compass IoT's data is available and ready to use

September 2019

Analytics MVP Launched

View traffic data for public and private vehicles, anywhere, anytime, instantly.

  • Query any road
  • View traffic data for public and private vehicles
  • Visualise network data for any road in Australia, for any retrospective data and time, in seconds. Gain the ability to make single or multi-road selections, and make quantitative comparisons.

January 2020

Analytics Customised Dashboard

The customise dashboard feature allows users to specialise how they want to view and understand their traffic data on the Compass IoT Platform. This marked a major landmark in UX for the Compass IoT team.

January 2020

Expansion of Analytics dashboard with the addition of new graphs

Through the inclusion of Standard Deviation, Line 85 th Percentile Speed, Line Median Speed and Volume Histograms, Compass IoT expanded their arsenal of graphs in order to help users generate richer traffic queries.

February 2020

Inclusion of new data providers on the Compass IoT Platform

We aim to provide our clients with the most accurate and well - informed extrapolations of road network data. We 've integrated a new private datatset and increased our data coverage.

Release of the Safety Mapping Platform

Compass IOT is developing a new safety mapping tool that addresses the Australian Governments Smart Systems Principles, working to prevent crashes that result in death or serious injury.

Read about it here

Second half of 2020

Release of the Next Generation Compass IoT Platform

By incorporating user feedback and research, Compass IoT is working on developing a brand new system that will provide a cleaner and more seamless for querying the road network. More information to come.

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