Can I select multiple entities at once?

Oversight allows for multiple selection of different devices at once.

There are two ways to select multiple devices:

  1. By selecting in the list on the lefthand side of the screen
  2. By selecting a device directly on the map

Currently, you can only select multiple device by selecting assets on the map.However, the devices you select will become highlighted on the device list. To select multiple devices via the map:

  1. Navigate to the Oversight tab. Devices are indicated by a circle. The different colours are used to indicate different modes (e.g., yellow circles are buses whereas blue circles are trains)
  2. Find the device you want to select
  3. Left-click to select. A small tab should open over the circle. It will display the asset ID number what type of vehicle the asset is (bus, train, ferry etc)
  4. To select another asset, repeat 2 and 3 until all the devices you want are selected.

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