What are the benefits of using Compass for traffic studies

By using Compass, traffic studies become more accurate, instantaneous, and cheaper.

By using Compass, users gain:

  • Traffic data for any road, anywhere in Australia
  • Results are instantaneous
  • Instant results for any road within Australia, for any desired date and time period.
  • No need to deploy expensive and slow hardware such as road strips or physically count cars that often require external contractors, site visits, and hours of collation.
  • More accurate than many available hardware solutions, with traffic vehicle counts being within an 85 % confidence interval.
  • Data outputs for:
    • Volume
    • Histogram Volume
    • Average Speed
    • Line Average Speed
    • Median Speed
    • Line Median Speed
    • 85th Percentile Speed
    • Line 85th Percentile Speed
    • Standard Deviation

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