Young university start-up takes home win at 2019 Australasian Startup Awards

23rd Nov 2019


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Australasian Startup Awards

The annual Australasian Startup Awards recognises the most innovative and disruptive start-ups, companies and people in the Australasian region

On the 23rd of November, Startcon named Compass IoT the winner of ‘Best Data driven Start-up’ at the 4th annual Australasian Start-up Awards. The award recognizes Compass IoT’s use of artificial intelligence and big data to bring critical insights to industry.

Compass IoT's co-founder comments:

“Tackling infrastructure planning and sustainable traffic management are some of the biggest issues that city planners will continue to face” says Emily Bobis, co-founder at Compass IoT. “It gives the team a huge boost knowing that we are growing in the right direction.”

What are the Australasian Startup awards?

Every year, the Australasian Start-up Awards hosts some of Sydney’s startup community heavy-weights, including the University of Sydney’s INCUBATE lab, WeWork, and Fishburners. The awards were presented as part of Australia’s largest startup and growth conference on the future of work.

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